Peculiarities of changes in parameters of component body composition of representatives of the youth age period detected by the method of bioimpedance analysis

DOI: 10.5584/jiomics.v10i1.283


  • Natallia Bashun Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Grodno, Belarus


The results of the study of body composition parameters using bioimpedance analysis of representatives of the youth age period of 14–19 years are presented. It is determined that the intracellular mass of biological objects, related to the total volume of liquid in it, increases with age of the object. It has been suggested that the amount of intracellular liquid relative to the total liquid in this age group increases due to an increase in the number of cells (since tissue growth occurs due to active cell division), as well as due to a decrease in the number of extracellular liquid, most often caused by an increase in adipose tissue. This pattern is observed for female and male contingent of the studied. The distributions of relative intracellular liquid depend significantly on the age and vary from approximately uniform to normal. The specific basal metabolism for males between the ages of 14 and 19 is increasing, which is explained by the increasing secretion in this category of the studied hormones of the anterior pituitary – somatotropic hormone or growth hormone. It is in puberty, especially in males causes a pronounced acceleration of linear growth and, as a consequence, an increase in the specific basal metabolism.